The Yesterday Machine Movie (1963) Classic Sci-Fi Movies 

“The Yesterday Machine” (1963) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Sci-Fi Movies

Welcome to this Science Fiction edition of BoomerFilms! If you’re a fan of classic sci-fi movies, then you need to watch The Yesterday Machine! This 1963 gem features an all-star cast including Tim Holt, James Britton, and Jack Herman. It’s a thrilling ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The movie tells the story of a group of scientists who build a time machine in order to prevent World War III. However, things don’t go as planned when they end up traveling…

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Three of a Kind Classic Movie (1936) Classic Comedy Movies 

“Three of a Kind” (1936) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Comedy Movies

  If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood films, then you might have heard about Three of a Kind (1936). Starring Evalyn Knapp, Chick Chandler and Berton Church, this movie is a must-watch for those who love comedy and romance. Three of a Kind tells the story of three friends who are down on their luck but decide to try their luck in the big city. Three con men, each think that the other two are wealthy, and spend most of their time trying to swindle one another. Eventually, one…

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Beneath the 12 Mile Reef Movie (1954) Classic Adventure Movies 

Classic Adventure Movie – “Beneath the 12 Mile Reef” (1953) – BoomerFilms™

  Welcome to another great BoomerFilms Classic Adventure movie titled “Beneath the 12 Mile Reef.” “Beneath the 12 Mile Reef” is a classic movie from 1953, starring Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, and Gilbert Roland. This thrilling film takes viewers on an underwater adventure that will leave them breathless. It tells the story of two rival fishing families in Florida who compete for the same territory beneath the ocean’s surface. Robert Wagner plays Tony Petrakis, a young man who dreams of finding treasure beneath the reef with his brother. They run…

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Carnival Story Movie (1954) Anne Baxter Classic Movies 

“Carnival Story” (1954) Anne Baxter – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Movies –

    We all remember Anne Baxter from her iconic roles in films like The Razor’s Edge, All About Eve, and I Confess. But did you know that she also starred in a 1954 musical comedy-drama called Carnival Story? This lesser-known film stars Baxter alongside Steve Cochran and Lyle Bettger. Baxter plays the role of ‘Lili’, a spirited young girl who runs away from home to join a carnival troupe. Her plan is to use the money she earns as an acrobat to help her family out of poverty. Along…

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