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So This is Washington was a popular comedy film released in 1943, starring Chester Lauck, Norris Goff and Alan Mowbra. The movie follows the two main characters, Lum and Abner, who are small-town storekeepers from Pine Ridge who travel to Washington D C when one of them wins an all expenses paid trip in a contest.

The two friends take advantage of their prize by having all kinds of adventures around the city during their stay, with plenty of laughs along the way as they experience new sights and sounds for the first time.

They also happen to stumble upon some important political figures during their journey – which leads to some unexpected consequences!

So This Is Washington is sure to amuse viewers with its lighthearted scenes and zany hijinks; perfect for a night out on the town or curled up with popcorn at home! Now, enjoy this comedy classic, So This is Washington.

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