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Welcome back folks to BoomerFilms™ Classic Movie fans !

I’m so glad you’re back for another Classic Horror Movie !

This weekend’s movie is titled “The Giant Gila Monster” and first hit the box offices in 1959.

“The Giant Gila Monster” is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic creature features of the 1950s. Starring Don Sullivan, Fred Graham, and Lisa Simone, this film tells the story of a small Texas town that faces an unexpected threat when a giant Gila monster arrives in their midst.

This classic movie was a cult favorite upon its initial release and continues to be enjoyed by fans today. It follows Town Marshall Jeff, played by Don Sullivan, who must use all his wit and courage to protect his fellow citizens from the enormous reptilian menace as it rampages through town.

Alongside him are Deputy Hank and June, both of whom prove invaluable allies in the fight against this giant creature.

This horror movie is a real hoot to watch!

Now, enjoy this horror classic “The Giant Gila Monster.”

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