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Welcome to another classic movie brought to you by BoomerFilms ! I’m so glad you stopped by again !

This weekends movie is from our classic western movies vault, and is titled “The Sundowners.”

When it was released in 1950, “The Sundowners” was an instant box office success. Starring the legendary Robert Preston and John Drew Barrymore, the movie tells the story of a family of traveling show people, and their struggles to make ends meet on the road.

With exciting music and spectacular performances, “The Sundowners” is an enjoyable rollercoaster ride full of compelling drama and heart-warming comedy.

The movie follows the adventures of a clan lead by patriarch Robert Preston, as they travel from town to town performing their show. Despite hitting numerous unfortunate bumps along their journey, this ragtag family never stops believing that one day their luck will change for the better.

As they struggle with life on the road, John Drew Barrymore’s character falls in love with a local girl – adding even more drama to this fun-filled adventure flick!

I hope you like this classic western movie. Now, grab the popcorn, a hot cup of joe, and snuggle up to watch this classic.

Enjoy !



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