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This weekend’s movie is titled “Captain Kidd” and debuted in theaters in 1945. “Captain Kidd” is a swashbuckling adventure classic. Starring Charles Laughton and Randolph Scott. The film brings pirates and buried treasure to life.

It has all of the action and excitement you would expect from a pirate story, as well as plenty of colorful characters and thrilling moments. Charles Laughton plays the title character, William “Captain” Kidd. He was a real-life pirate captain in the 17th century who set sail on many daring voyages in search of buried treasure.

Randolph Scott stars as his nemesis, Major Robert Maynard, an officer with Britain’s Royal Navy tasked with hunting down pirates like Captain Kidd. Together they engage in epic battles at sea and on land for control of untold riches! Now, enjoy this great adventure classic “Captain Kidd.”

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