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The classic romantic comedy “Three Husbands” (1954) is a lighthearted treat starring Emlyn Williams and Eve Arden.

Directed by Irving Reis, it follows the adventures of three old friends who get married to their respective partners on the same day.

In this delightful story, Emma (Arden) and her two best friends from college – Sam (Williams) and Peter (Maxwell Reed) – each marry within hours of each other.

While Emma quickly finds happiness in her marriage with Henry Spencer (Tom Tully), Sam and Peter’s relationships do not go as smoothly right away!

The comedic hijinks that ensue involve misunderstandings, miscommunications, and more than a few laughs along the way.

With plenty of witty dialogue and endearing characters,

Three Husbands is sure to charm movie-goers of all ages.

Now, enjoy this great classic, “Three Husbands.”

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