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Welcome to another BoomerFilms™ Classic Horror Movie!

In the year 1971, a movie was released that sent shivers down the spines of audiences around the world.

The Isle of the Snake People starred some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time, including Boris Karloff, Julissa and Carlos East.

This movie was not for the faint of heart as it was filled with suspense and mystery from beginning to end. The story revolves around an island inhabited by strange snake people who have been cursed by an ancient voodoo curse.

Evil scientist runs a veritable army of LSD crazed zombies. The inhabitants of a small, remote island have been practicing voodoo rites and worshipping an evil priest named Damballah for years, but the local law officials generally turn a blind eye to this death cult’s bizarre activities.

When a group of outsiders arrive on this island, they find themselves caught up in a web of horror and intrigue that leaves them questioning everything they thought they knew about life and death.

The cast delivers stunning performances throughout this film that will leave you wondering if what you just witnessed was real or simply a figment of your imagination.

Enjoy this horror classic!

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