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This weekend’s movie is title “The Beast of Borneo” starring John Preston and Mae Stuart. The Beast of Borneo is a 1934 horror film that still sends shivers down the spine. A young John Preston, an explorer and scientist, is on a mission to the island of Borneo to find out why strange creatures are terrorizing the natives.

He meets his guide, Mae Stuart, who offers her assistance in navigating through this mysterious terrain. Together they uncover a terrifying secret—a beast so powerful it could wipe out all of mankind if not stopped in time.

Preston and Stuart traverse deep into uncharted jungles in search of answers, with no idea of what horrors await them when they come face-to-face with the creature itself.

The suspenseful structure and eerie atmosphere make for one thrilling ride as Preston races against time to save humanity from certain doom.

Will he succeed or will his efforts be too late? 

Stay tuned for the answer to this classic horror movie.

Now, enjoy this great classic, “The Beast of Borneo.”

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