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Classic Movies – “The Timber Queen” (1944)

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This week’s classic movie is a thriller titled “The Timber Queen.” “The Timber Queen” movie was released in 1944 and starred Richard Arlen, Mary Beth Hughes and Sheldon Leonard.

The film is a thrilling adventure story about the timber industry and its dangers.

It follows the story of Steve Kendall (played by Arlen), who inherits his father’s logging company but finds himself battling dangerous competitors who will stop at nothing to put him out of business.

Mary Beth Hughes plays Kendall’s love interest, Claire Weston, who helps him uncover the truth behind the sabotage of his company.

Sheldon Leonard is also featured in a supporting role as a Chinese worker who becomes an integral part of Steve’s team.

With stunning visuals and heart-pumping action scenes, Timber Queen remains one of the most exciting movies ever made about the logging industry.

Audiences were captivated by Richard Arlen’s performance as Steve Kendall, a man determined to protect what he believes is rightfully his.

Enjoy this classic movie !

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