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“Warning From Space” (1956) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Sci-Fi Movie

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This weekends movie is from our classic Sci-Fi movies vault, and is titled, Warning From Space.

This classic 1956 sci-fi movie, Warning From Space, is sure to send a chill down your spine!

Starring Keizo Kawasaki and Toyomi Karita, this Japanese cult classic follows the journey of an alien race known as the “Peanuts” from their home planet, as they desperately search for a new world in which to live.

The Peanuts arrive on Earth and quickly realize that their own world is in danger of destruction.

With this knowledge, they attempt to warn humanity of their impending doom before it’s too late.

As they bravely try to save mankind from certain destruction, the Peanuts must rely on the help of two brave humans — Keizo Kawasaki and Toyomi Karita – who are willing to take on the challenge against all odds.

Warning From Space is an action-packed adventure perfect for any science fiction fan!

I hope you enjoy this great classic movie, and feel free to scroll around my website for more classic favorites.

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