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This weekends movie is from our classic movies vault, and is titled “The Phantom Planet.” This classic Sci-Fi movie first hit the box offices in 1961. 

The Phantom Planet is a 1961 science-fiction film about an astronaut who is stranded on a mysterious planet.

It stars Dean Fredericks as the astronaut and Francis X. Bushman as his alien guide. The movie follows the astronaut’s journey as he navigates his way through an unknown alien landscape in search of a way out.

The Phantom Planet was one of the few science-fiction films released in the early 1960s, and it remains a cult classic today.

Mysterious and surreal, this strange sci-fi adventure has captivated viewers for decades with its captivating plot and imaginative visuals.

Join our intrepid explorer on his journey through time and space to uncover the secrets of this phantom planet!

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