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Today’s Sci-Fi Classic is titled “Menace from Outer Space” and started thrilling audiences in 1956. The cult classic “Menace from Outer Space” released in 1956 is one of the most beloved sci-fi movies of all time.

Starring Richard Crane, Robert Lyden and Sally Mansfield in leading roles, this film follows the story of a small town that suddenly experiences strange events and disappearances.

This fantastic movie directed by Hollingsworth Morse was well received by critics at its release and has since gained a large following from fans around the world.

With an excellent soundtrack to accompany some incredible special effects for its time, Menace from Outer Space stands as an iconic representation of 1950’s science fiction cinema.

While there are plenty of twists and turns throughout the plot, loveable characters and a thrilling conclusion make this movie a must-watch for any fan of classic science fiction films.

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