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This weekend’s movie is titled “David and Goliath” and hit the box offices in 1960. This 1960 classic movie “David and Goliath” is a biblical story of faith, courage, and perseverance.

Starring the grand Orson Welles as King Saul and Ivica Pajer as young David, this movie was one of the first to be filmed on location in Italy. Aiding the cast was Aldo Pedinotti who played Goliath and his menacing stature made for a thrilling scene when young David faces him with nothing more than a slingshot!

The film itself tells an inspiring tale of how with belief and courage anything can be accomplished. With its beautiful cinematography showcasing Italian countryside, it’s no wonder that this has become such a beloved classic.

All these years later it still has the power to inspire generations making it truly timeless!

Now, grab a hot drink, some freshly popped popcorn, sit back and enjoy !

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