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This week’s classic movie is titles, Made For Each Other and was released in 1939.

Made For Each Other, a romantic comedy and is one of the most beloved movies of its time.

The charming story stars Carole Lombard and James

Stewart as a newlywed couple who have to face life’s challenges together.

After a whirlwind courtship, newlyweds discover their road to happiness is besieged by a meddling mother-in-law, money problems, a curmudgeonly boss, and tragic illness.

They are supported by an excellent supporting cast that includes Charles Coburn. 

The movie follows the couple on their journey as they attempt to make it work even with all the obstacles they face.

From finding employment and money troubles, to raising children and dealing with family issues, this movie has it all! It’s a timeless classic that will keep you entertained.

Fans of Made For Each Other love how relatable the characters are.

Viewers can truly connect with them throughout their struggles and successes in life.

This heartwarming tale is sure to become a favorite among movie lovers everywhere!

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