Quicksand Movie (1950) Classic Movies 

“Quicksand” (1950) Mickey Rooney – Classic Movies – Mickey Rooney

A classic Mickey Rooney movie ! The 1950 drama “Quicksand” is a classic film starring Mickey Rooney and Jeanne Cagney. It tells the story of an auto mechanic who has been forced to resort to desperate measures when he finds himself in financial trouble. The film also stars Barbara Bates, and is directed by Irving Pichel. The story follows Danny Brady (Mickey Rooney) as he attempts to secure some quick cash after falling into debt due to gambling debts. He takes advantage of a loan from an unscrupulous pawn shop…

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Grave of the Vampire Movie (1972) Classic Horror Movies 

“Grave of the Vampire” (1972) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Horror Movie

Grave of the Vampire was a horror movie released in 1972 that starred William Smith, Michael Pataki and Lyn Peters. The plot follows James Eastman (Smith), a vampire who awakens from a nap that lasted over 100 years to find himself in modern day America. Eastman is on a mission to seek revenge against his foe Caleb Croft (Pataki) by stealing the life essence of his daughter Katherine (Peters). Grave of the Vampire was filmed on location in various parts of California including Venice Beach, Hollywood and Griffith Park. It…

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