Atom Age Vampire Movie (1960) Classic Horror Movies 

Classic Horror Movie – “Atom Age Vampire” (1960)

Welcome back to BoomerFilms™ ! Today’s movie is a horror classic. The Atom Age Vampire Movie (1960) takes viewers on a thrilling ride of suspense and horror. Starring the talented trio of Alberto Lupo, Susanne Loret, and Sergio Fantoni, this film captivates audiences from start to finish. What sets this movie apart is its friendly tone that lures you in before immersing you in a world of fear. In an era when atomic power was still relatively new and mysterious, the Atom Age Vampire takes advantage of society’s fear and…

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Grave of the Vampire Movie (1972) Classic Horror Movies 

“Grave of the Vampire” (1972) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Horror Movie

Grave of the Vampire was a horror movie released in 1972 that starred William Smith, Michael Pataki and Lyn Peters. The plot follows James Eastman (Smith), a vampire who awakens from a nap that lasted over 100 years to find himself in modern day America. Eastman is on a mission to seek revenge against his foe Caleb Croft (Pataki) by stealing the life essence of his daughter Katherine (Peters). Grave of the Vampire was filmed on location in various parts of California including Venice Beach, Hollywood and Griffith Park. It…

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