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“The Atomic Rulers” (1965) – BoomerFilms™ – Classic Science Fiction

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This week’s classic comes from our science fiction movie vault and is titled “The Atomic Rulers.”

“The Atomic Rulers” movie (1965) is a classic Japanese sci-fi film that centers around the incredible adventures of three brave heroes. The movie stars Ken Utsui, Sachihiro Ohsawa and Junko Ikeuchi as the trio of time-traveling adventurers.

Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil!

These intrepid travelers travel to the post-apocalyptic future in an attempt to save humanity from a race of alien rulers who have taken control of Earth.

Along their way they battle evil mutants, explore strange new worlds and come face to face with their own mortality.

As they battle for the future of mankind, these unlikely heroes must use their wits and courage to survive and ultimately succeed in saving humanity from total destruction!

With its unique blend of action, adventure, science fiction and comedy this cult classic is sure to thrill fans young and old alike!

Enjoy this science fiction classic !

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