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If you’re a fan of classic Hollywood films, then you might have heard about Three of a Kind (1936).

Starring Evalyn Knapp, Chick Chandler and Berton Church, this movie is a must-watch for those who love comedy and romance.

Three of a Kind tells the story of three friends who are down on their luck but decide to try their luck in the big city.

Three con men, each think that the other two are wealthy, and spend most of their time trying to swindle one another.

Eventually, one pulls out of the game when he falls in love. Evalyn Knapp plays Pat Randall, one of the three main characters in the movie.

She’s a young woman with dreams of making it big in show business. Chick Chandler plays Joe Reynolds, Pat’s friend who works as an electrician but also has aspirations to become an actor.

Finally, Berton Church portrays Happy Kelly, another friend who is always looking for ways to make some quick cash.

Enjoy this classic comedy movie !

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