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This weekend’s movie is titled “Track of the Moon Beast.” The stars of the 1976 movie Track of the Moon Beast, Chase Cordell, Leigh Drake and Gregorio Sala, were all relative unknowns when they signed on to be part of this cult classic.

With a mix of horror and comedy elements, this B-movie certainly stands out from the pack. Chase Cordell plays John Tucker, a meteor scientist who is accidentally exposed to radioactive particles from an asteroid.

His exposure turns him into a rampaging creature known as ‘the moon beast’ – much to the shock and surprise of his friends Leigh Drake (Linda) and Gregorio Sala (Max).

The trio dive into action as they try desperately to save their town from destruction before it’s too late. This unique blend of horror and comedy has spawned a devoted following over time with fans still faithfully attending screenings today!

Now, enjoy this great classic “Track of the Moon Beast.” Don’t let this one scare you too much!

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