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This weekend’s movie is titled “The Bat.” “The Bat” movie (1959), starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead, is a classic horror film that has been entertaining audiences since its debut.

It is the story of a masked criminal who terrorizes a small town with his devious plans. He calls himself “The Bat” and wears an all-black costume complete with cape and mask; he leaves behind cryptic messages to taunt the police.

Agnes Moorehead stars as Florence Bramwell, the owner of an old mansion where The Bat has been hiding out.

She teams up with police detective Lt. Anderson, played by Vincent Price, to track down The Bat before he can commit any more crimes.

Together they must unravel the clues hidden in his mysterious notes and discover his true identity before it’s too late!

Now, enjoy this great classic “The Bat” with Vincent Price.

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